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Education/Incubator Process

  1. Revolve Reality of Life class (video/dealing with rejection)

  2. REVOLVE Business Incubator (Creation of new interests, hobbies, and logic building)

  3. Business classes available (structure of how to start their own business)

  4. Revolve Financial Literacy

  5. Revolve Community Services Network

  6. Revolve Client Bonding Clubs

  7. Revolve Chess Club

  8. Revolve Health Fitness Club

  9. Revolve Boxing/Self-defense Club

  10. Revolve Music Club

  11. Revolve Trade/Vocational/Construction Club

  12. Revolve Spirituality/Support Group

  13. Revolve Study Groups and Client Research Assistance

  14. Lifetime of Brotherhood/Fatherhood and Future Mentorship


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