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Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

A FULL Staffing agency with an in-house Training program, that focuses on the growth of good citizens and a true passion for the Re-Entry community.

Revolve Training and Staffing (RTS) is an LLC (limited liability company), which is owned and managed by R. LaVan Hargrove and Kenneth Hawkes. 


RTS tries to help assist everyone with opportunities to learn and grow. It is with pride that we introduce additional training with over 100 certifications available for you to pursue.

  • Medical/Healthcare Industry

  • Hard Skills Industry (HVAC/Welding/Plumbing/Electrical)

  • Law/Real Estate Industry

  • Hospitality/Travel Industry 

  • Business Startup/Entrepreneurship Industry 


Consult with one of our Revolve representatives and apply today!!

Get your certification and start a new career!


Evolve & Resolve with Revolve Training & Staffing!!!!

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